Advanced workflows: Planning & tracking


This fifth session in the advanced workflow management series outlines methods to plan and stay on top of your firm's busiest periods. Discover how you can use Karbon to manage various deadlines, extensions, lodgments, and collaboration between multiple clients and teams. 

Using examples of specific workflows, see how Karbon can help you: 

  • Manage tax using just-in-time production planning

  • Track effective billing rates

  • Track budgets versus actuals to train and rebalance work

  • How job role placeholders can help you manage capacity

Advanced Workflows is a five-part series outlining the theory and best practices behind advanced workflow management, and how your firm can implement these using Karbon.

With the techniques and use-cases outlined in this series, you'll be equipped to take your Karbon usage to the next level—work better as a team, give your clients better service, and make some serious efficiency gains.

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