How work is getting done with Karbon

Our very first customer began using Karbon in late 2015—an Australian-based accounting firm seeking to get more done without needing to hire more staff. Since then, many more accounting firms turned to Karbon too.

Recently, we announced that our focus would be widening: Karbon is now available to everyone. We came to the realization that businesses of all types need a solution that gives more control over email and related workflow, improves visibility across their business' activities, and provides greater transparency across communications.

Put simply, the issues facing accountants are felt more broadly—right across what has become the “always on” economy.

But how are our current customers specifically using Karbon from a day-to-day point of view? What are the benefits they are seeing? And how does this differ across the team—from the most junior staff member, right up to the business owner?

Over the past few months, we spoke with a large number of our customers to find out. This is what they told us.

“Karbon gives peace of mind.”

In a world of constant distractions, notifications and need to multitask, our customers told us that Karbon is giving them peace of mind that they never had before. Now, they're confident that they won’t miss anything important.

9 out of 10 customers say that Karbon gives them more visibility and control than ever before.


“My whole brain is in there. I literally cannot work without Karbon. I know I'd miss something.”

“I couldn't do my job without it. It is the hub of everything I do.”

“I don’t have to worry about forgetting small tasks”

“It just makes everything so easy, it flows, it allows us to communicate both internally and with clients. It just WORKS.”

“Karbon gives me peace of mind! I finally reached the point in the growth of my business where it felt like things were going to get out of control and falling through the cracks. I had various lists, spreadsheets etc, and I'd lay awake with to-dos running in my head. Now, when a thought comes to mind I add it to Karbon and it doesn't get lost.”

“I knew Karbon was the right solution when my stress levels and crazy work life started to mellow out. We work so much better as a team, I don't need to dictate each step or solve each problem. Things are operating more smoothly, I'm doing less work to keep them working, and fewer tasks are dropped or forgotten.” 

“Integrating email with workflow is huge.”

Karbon is deeply integrated with email, which is key for our customers. For the majority of us, email is our left hand and work is our right-hand—we can’t function without either, so having them connected is the backbone of Karbon, and an important point of difference for our customers.

By breaking email out of silos and into a team’s workflow, everyone has visibility to discuss, assign and action. The ability to comment directly on an email means teams can collaborate in-context.


“The integration of workflow with email is huge for us.  Karbon is the single most important technology for our firm.”

“I have visibility of all tasks, and the fact it sits over my email means I can quickly assign and not be the bottleneck”

“Email integration has been the key reason that we selected and have stayed with Karbon.”

“The connection between the email and the task (is the biggest benefit Karbon gives us). No other application does this as easily as Karbon does.”

“Emails are no longer overwhelming. All our correspondence is attached to the specific work, so I don’t argue with clients anymore.”

“Having our email connected to the application (enabled us to) replace email, Evernote, Trello, and Jetpack workflow.”

“When I saw how easy it was to flow from emails to tasks, I knew I couldn't go back.”

“I have tried Podio, Scalus, Basecamp, Wrike, you name it... nothing worked as well as Karbon. The fact that this sits on top of your email which is the majority of communications is key.” 

“Now we have one central place.”

Karbon provides a single place for everything teams need to their work done: tasks, templates, customer relationships, email, and internal discussions. Previously-scattered data has become common knowledge for teams using Karbon.

92% of users say with Karbon they have all the information they need at their fingertips to get the job done.


“It creates one space for communication. We were previously using three apps to do what we do in Karbon now.”

“Reoccurring custom templated workflows with visibility over all correspondence—(Karbon is) a no brainer.”

“I have the ability to do significant amounts of setup 'on the fly' with relative ease, and I have immediately transformed my inbox into a CRM and task management system.”

“It just makes everything so easy, it flows, it allows us to communicate both internally and with clients. It just works!”

“The one system that everyone opens every morning, and our go-to for all information about clients and work that needs to be done.”

Better collaboration, less stress at Ipsum Advisors.


Ipsum Advisors is a full-service accountancy and wealth advisory firm based in Bendigo, Victoria. Like many growing businesses, they quickly became a victim of their own success, losing track of everything going on, and becoming buried under all their work. 

Karbon proved to be the solution they needed. “The time we spend now is more effective and productive, which continually improves our capacity to take on more work,” Practice Manager, Leila Pilcher said. “Karbon has reduced our stress, created confidence and made it so easy for us to keep the ball rolling on different projects.”

We’ve never had as much collaboration in our business than we have now. With all the team collaborating together and using Karbon, they can quickly pick up others’ work and deal with it, even if someone isn’t there.
Billy Lacey — Director, Ipsum Advisors

More with less at Two Roads.


Two Roads has grown quickly since they were established in 2011, despite 85% of their team working remotely, and most of them less than 35 hours a week. The flexible working arrangement does not mean staff output is expected to be any less—quite the opposite. Systems are carefully chosen and critical processes are constantly fine-tuned to enable staff to work more efficiently and handle more clients in less time.

Founder, Adam Slack, said that Karbon has been instrumental to their success. "We are now so much more confident in our communication and ability to scale. If one staff member were to leave, I know I can re-assign all their recurring work in Karbon. When we employ someone new we can get them up and running quickly. They know exactly what to do, and we can track whether they do it.”

There is accountability now that we never had before. It’s not just staff saying that they’re going OK, I can see for sure how we are tracking in Karbon.
Adam Slack — Founder, Two Roads

Rocket fuel for System Six.


Jeremy Allen is the Founding Partner of Seattle-based firm, System Six. He explained why Karbon has been like rocket fuel for him and his team. 

"We can take all of our focus on serving clients—our clients' success being our success—and really focus on serving well. We're no longer trying to figure out what tools are the best tools. You've got confidence that Karbon is that tool for us," he said.

Karbon is our rocket booster that's allowing us to grow at 40% to 50% year over year.
Jeremy Allen — Founding Partner, System Six

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