Advanced workflow management in the modern accounting firm

Can you confidently say that all your accounting firm’s workflow management is running like a well-oiled machine?

Do you worry that work is falling through the cracks in your firm? That deadlines are being missed, clients neglected, or work just isn’t progressing as smoothly as it could?

You might have the basics under control, but to realize the most rewarding gains in efficiency and top-line growth, you need to master the advanced techniques. Because there is always going to be room for improvement.

This is why we have launched Advanced Workflows—a free five-part webinar series outlining the theory and best practices of advanced workflow management in accounting firms, and how your practice can implement these concepts using Karbon.

Every two weeks from October until December, we will focus on an element vof your firm's workflow management, giving you an applied understanding of the key theory, skills, best practices and Karbon use-cases.

With these techniques and examples from real, best-in-class firms, you'll be equipped to take your Karbon usage to the next level—work better as a team, give your clients better service, and make some serious efficiency gains.

And if you are not a Karbon customer, you are still encouraged to join us during this webinar series. The theory and workflows outlined will be relevant for every accounting firm and business, no matter what workflow management systems you use.

Simply register for each session that you are able to attend live or would like to be sent a recording of. At the conclusion of the series, we’ll send you the video and slides from every session to keep and re-watch.

We hope that you and your team members will join us!

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