What we shipped: Q1 2019 in review

We started this year with a big announcement: Karbon is now available for workplaces of all types.

We realized that the issues facing accounting firms are also felt in many other businesses. And we believe passionately that Karbon can contribute to workplaces by helping their people get more meaningful work done.

Across the first three months of this year, we also shipped several #KarbonUpdates to enhance some of the most-used areas of the app, address common customer requests, improve overall performance, and improve the work day for every Karbon user.

Here is a summary of what we have shipped in 2019 so far (we’d also love you to join us for a live demo of all these new features).

Big enhancements to Triage

Triage has always done a reasonable job of providing context before needing to expand the email. Who it is from, what it is about, what work it belongs to etc. Now the same applies to tasks, notes and work assignments.

Our customers can now instantly see who they are assigned to, previews of comments, unread message counts, mentions and attachments and the title of the task or note.

We also gave Triage a new lick of paint with a redesign of Triage items to make them more uniform and scannable, and added color to help distinguish different types of activity and content.

📱These Triage improvements also pave the way for the new Triage iPhone app hitting the AppStore soon (we’ll be sharing more details about this really soon via Twitter)

Auto-share emails to and from contacts

We introduced a new setting to share all emails with any contacts in Karbon. This saves needing to adjust the setting each time a new contact is added, and is a great way to take full advantage of the visibility Karbon provides across email communication.

Attach an email to multiple work items

An email can now be added to as many work items as necessary, which is really useful for those emails that discuss more than one topic. Doing this means that email will appear on the timelines for each work item.

Bulk download all files from a work item or contact

We added the ability to bulk download every file listed under a contact or work item’s Recent Documents. With one click, all documents related to a single client or job can be downloaded to a user’s device.

Updates to our TSheets integration

We made some enhancements to our integration with TSheets, including:

  • Time data from the last six months is now displayed in Karbon on the corresponding work item/contact (an increase from the previous two months)

  • If the name of a contact or work item is updated in Karbon, its corresponding code is also updated in TSheets

  • A new message is displayed in the work item or contact when it is no longer mapped to a TSheets code. From here, customers have the option to create a new code.

Other changes and enhancements

  • If a contact has more than one email address, Karbon users can now select exactly which one their client tasks will be sent to.

  • If they delete a task section or a parent task that contains sub-tasks under it, they’ll see a similar modal confirming they want to delete it and lose the tasks that are listed under it.

  • If a customer is editing or commenting on a note, and they click out of it before clicking Save, they now see a modal to confirm that they definitely want to discard what they’ve written.

  • It’s no longer possible to save empty tasks.

  • Performance improvements to Triage mean that new emails, comments and other notifications now appear quicker.

  • A clean-up of notifications means that duplicate items are no longer sent to Triage when a customer is mentioned in multiple comments on a thread.

  • Client Task notifications were also been cleaned up. The Completed and Comment notifications are now merged into a single one. Also, if a comment on a Client Task is unread, that’s what is shown. If it’s read, the most recent update displays instead.

  • If someone tries to invite a colleague whose email address is already used by a contact or user, they’ll now see a much more helpful error message.

  • Large images now display much more nicely in comments or notes.

  • Any files added to a Note that is part of a work item are now listed in the Recent Documents of that work item.

You can view the full release notes of these updates, and all our other product releases.

If you haven’t explored Karbon before, or if it has been a while since you last checked it out, you can watch a full demo here.

If you are already a Karbon customer, we’d love your feedback.

We can’t wait to share with you what’s coming next!

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