Why on Earth are you an email client?

Stuart McLeodCo-Founder, Karbon
Stuart's headshot. He's wearing a white collared shirt, has graying hair, and the background is a blurry green and brown tree.

To be honest, we didn’t actually mean it. We grew into it. Like we’re growing into workflow, documents, files, automation, time, billing, tasks, scheduling, capacity-planning and everything else that large accounting firms need in order to run an expanding, people-critical business.

But email is hard. Really hard. Remember Sparrow? Sparrow was an email client for OS X and iOS. After a 4-month beta period, Sparrow went on sale in the Mac App Store on February 9, 2011 and became the top paid and top grossing app in less than one day. But they still couldn’t make the journey and sold to Google not long after. We’ve discovered that email is only useful when and if it is critically integrated into business workflow. Without additional context and additional attributes, it’s next to useless.


And we’re getting there. With this weekend’s release, we’ve significantly enhanced our email capability with faster response and much, much more data on the screen.

Our goal is to be the system of record, the system of engagement and the system of intelligence for our customers. While systems of record have been done before in the industry, the other two key pillars, combined with third-party integrations supporting the foundation, make the offering more and more compelling with every Karbon release.

These three pillars help bring about the solution that larger firms are seeking. Across the globe, the accounting firms we speak to are worried about staff acquisition and retention, automating and standardizing firm-wide practice and continuing top line growth. Karbon is positioning itself to be the driver behind overcoming those issues.

Can’t wait to share more over the next few months.

Stuart McLeod
Co-Founder, Karbon

Stuart started his first business 13 years ago and has had many successful ventures, including Paycycle, founded in 2009, which he sold to Xero in 2011. He then built the global Xero Payroll team that delivers payroll software across the US, AU, UK and NZ markets. In 2015, Stuart co-founded Karbon, and served as CEO until 2023. He remains an advisor, board member, and investor.

Stuart's headshot. He's wearing a white collared shirt, has graying hair, and the background is a blurry green and brown tree.

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