A meaningful contribution to the way work gets done

In 10 years, the workforce is going to look substantially different to what it does today.

While governments around the world are doing their absolute best to try and destroy value in the economy, entrepreneurs, employers and employees are constantly looking for ways to innovate, improve productivity, get things done smarter, and ultimately improve everyone’s life journey.

Already, we are seeing a substantial move away from big cities to more palatable regional areas where cost of living benefits and lifestyle improvements are available. The industrial economy is giving way to a more knowledge-based economy, all-the-while the increase of artificial intelligence and various kinds of automation is displacing jobs across the world.

At Karbon, one of our objectives has always been to improve the humanity in technology, and we’ve applied our skills to this with passion and vigor to benefit the accounting industry for the last three years.

Beyond saving tens of thousands of dollars in wasted hours, our customers have told us that they have achieved visibility over their practice like never before, gained peace of mind from the transparency that Karbon offers, and enjoyed working with their clients and helping them prosper, knowing that their office was once again under control.

Along this journey, we’ve come to realize that the issues facing accountants are felt more broadly—right across what has become the “always on” economy.

We’ve seen the rise of notifications and the subsequent decline in high-value thinking and deep work being conducted by intelligent people.

The leakage of consumer software design into the enterprise has meant that every application now competes for your attention in a systemic and impactful way—to the point where a distraction-free smartphone is now a thing. Large organizations that have proven to be untrustworthy with your private data are now expecting you to pay for their services in the workplace.

For us as at Karbon, it is extremely important that we, and our customers, make a meaningful contribution to the world.

With all that in mind, we believe passionately that Karbon can contribute positively to workplaces that need to become calmer, and require a platform to help their people get more meaningful work done.

So, today, in our biggest move since inception, we are announcing that Karbon is available for workplaces of all types.

We’ll have a lot more to say over the coming months, but we’re very excited about the next phase of our journey.