What we shipped: Q3 2019 in review

Sara GoepelChief Product Officer, Karbon
Sara Goepel

Another three months have passed, and with it, several big Karbon product releases.

Below, you'll find a quick summary of all the enhancements and new pieces of functionality released in every #KarbonUpdate between July-September 2019.

Karbon for Android

Let's start with the most recent release first: Karbon for Android!

We closed out the quarter with the release of our brand new app, which allows customers to harness the power of Karbon from they're pocket.

Like its iPhone counterpart, this app is focussed around Triage and includes lots of functionality designed specifically for mobile devices. Users can plan their day before they sit down to work, discuss work with their team directly on the emails, notes and tasks at hand, and transform email into tasks to delegate to their team.

And it's completely free for all existing Karbon customers to download now.

A new, improved repeat work scheduler

The work scheduler, which is used to set any job to repeat on a timeline, was given a complete overhaul. Now, everything is more clear, flexible and easier-to-use.

Improvements to the scheduler include:

  • A new section in the work item for setting up and adjusting a schedule 

  • A Repeat Preview to show the name and dates of the next 4 work items in the series

  • Flexible work naming conventions, including placeholders to create dynamic names and choose date formats

  • All existing scheduled work updated to the new naming conventions

  • Clear outlines of when future work items and their tasks will be created

  • A list of all future work in the schedule, which you can find when you edit the schedule from any of those work items

  • This list will outline if tasks for the individual work items have been created or not

Contact hovercards

When you're reading an email, you can now see the most important details of the sender at-a-glance. A hovercard appear when you click on the email address, which shows details such as role, company, address, phone number, social profiles and more.

A lot of this information for contacts is automatically populated in many cases. Based on the email address, Karbon will search for the image and basic details including description, role, location and social profiles.

Other improvements

  • Removing an email from Karbon is now much simpler

  • Hide Client Task emails from a contact timeline—useful if a timeline is cluttered with lots of auto-reminder emails.

  • 'Under-the-hood' improvements mean that Office 365 and Exchange emails come into Karbon much quicker

  • An unread filter in Triage to only show emails, @mentions from colleagues and work assignments that you haven't looked at yet

  • Another new Triage filter for @mentions will only show items where a colleague has called you out directly

  • You can now move tasks between work items—useful if you have a task that doesn't get completed in a recurring work item

  • Edit a contact's profile image—choose one of the images that Karbon automatically sources for you, or upload your own

  • Based on lots of feedback, we added a new work filter for "Colleagues Involved", which shows work items that the colleague/s you select (or teams) are involved in directly

  • Choose whether or not completed work items are displayed on your work, with a new "Display completed work" toggle

For more details and past product updates, check out the Karbon release notes.

Sara Goepel
Chief Product Officer, Karbon

Sara has been leading product teams for the past 14 years. She was one of Xero’s early employees in 2007, and responsible for teams building sales, support & operational systems, as well as a global product scalable to millions of customers. Her projects have received numerous awards including three Webbys.

Sara Goepel

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