Collaborating with your clients using Karbon


Each day your team is spending valuable time manually requesting and chasing information from clients and stakeholders. This video explores how you can automate a lot of this “client chase” using Karbon, and bring your clients into your workflow so that everything is in one place.

Based on the workflows being employed by best-in-class customers, learn how to:

  • Automate Client Tasks to request information and documents from clients

  • Use comments to collaborate

  • Be notified when your client takes action

  • “Nudge” your clients using auto-reminders

  • Set up repeating Client Tasks on a schedule

  • Schedule client meetings easily by inserting calendar links, video meeting links, and other details

  • Collect files and documents from clients automatically, in one single location

By following these steps, you’ll learn the benefits of collaborating with your clients in the same place as you’re working, and just how much of your time-consuming, boring tasks you can automate.