What we learned from assessing the business abilities of 250 accounting firms


Across the past 12 months, we assessed and identified the business proficiencies of accounting firms across the globe, through the Practice Excellence Scorecard—an assessment that rates a firm's ability across four key pillars: Growth, Strategy, Efficiency, and Management.

In this video, the Scorecard's creator, Ian Vacin, reveals the results of the first 250 accounting firms who took part in the assessment and highlight the big learnings.

Drawing on analysis revealed in our report, Ian outlines the key insights and dig deeper to explore what you should be doing to learn, prepare and stay one step ahead of the curve. 

The video explores in detail:

  • Why business ability is so critical for firm owners

  • How a Practice Excellence Score is measured

  • What an average accounting firm looks like

  • Why a systems-thinking approach is required

  • The critical stages of a firm's size and lifecycle

  • The regions where firms are likely to excel in certain areas

  • Where a class gap exists & how to stay on the right side

  • The key areas of focus needed to progress to the next stage

  • The areas where expert help is most required

  • And much, much more

This video is jam-packed with fascinating insight and useful takeaways that every firm-owner or manager can learn from.