2022 in review: Trends, wins and insights from accounting leaders


2022 was the year of 'quiet quitting' and sustained socioeconomic unrest.

We saw society take a deep, but cautious, breath back into normality. We saw mergers, acquisitions, economic downturns, pivots, wins, and tough times.

So, we took a step back and reviewed the past year in accounting with a panel of global experts, led by Karbon's Co-Founder and Chief Partnerships Officer, Ian Vacin.

They discussed:

  • The big takeaways, wins, and challenges of 2022 that they observed

  • Their experiences with the tidal wave of burnout and quiet quitting

  • What they think needs to happen to address the global shortage of accounting professionals

  • Their opinions on some of the biggest trends and events that shaped accounting in 2022

  • Karbon's 2022 hybrid work data, including recruitment practices pre- and post-pandemic

  • Their 2023 predictions and resolutions