Bottom Up vs. Top Down management to improve your profit & lifestyle


Your accounting firm's success does not depend on how well you prepare a tax return. More than anything else, it depends on how well you manage your staff. Yet few firm owners are ever taught to do this properly.

In this video, Ed Chan (Chan & Naylor and WIZE Mentoring) discusses the pros and cons of different management styles, revealing the best option for your firm. Based on his experience growing his firm to 150 staff across 12 offices, Ed shares management tips that will drive your long-term success, profitability and lifestyle, no matter what size your firm is today.

Watch to learn:

  • The pros and cons of Top Down Management versus Bottom Up Management

  • Why you need to give up control to be an effective leader

  • How to enable your team to learn more quickly and become more valuable employees

  • Why micro-training is a better alternative to micro-managing

  • How to self-assess and instantly improve the way you manage

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn management advice directly from one of Australia's most successful accounting firm leaders.