10 tips to quickly remove bottlenecks in your tax workflow


How can you make tax season more productive and less miserable?

Are you and your team completing work at the desired pace? Are you struggling with the same bottlenecks in your workflow that stalled progress last season? Do you know where things stand today and whether your team can get through all the work by the deadline?

In this video, Ian Vacin is joined by Karbon experts to showcase 10 effective tips that you can apply right now to remove the most common roadblocks and stressors during tax season.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Effectively collect client information and minimize the chase

  • Utilize FIFO (or LIFO) to ensure the proper prioritization of tax work

  • Identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks in your tax workflow

  • Distribute work and gain real-time visibility over work statuses

  • Get dashboards to visualize your tax work burn down (and when to start filing extensions)

  • Leverage automation to keep clients informed as tax work moves through key stages

  • Set up, move, and serve tax clients from tax preparing to tax planning

Plus, learn about key tax strategies and gain access to best practice tax workflows.