Make data-driven decisions at your accounting firm with Karbon Practice Intelligence

We live in the Information Age. As an accounting firm owner or leader, you have a plethora of information to access, but it’s spread across silos. Not only that, but you have to wade through the endless noise to get to the information needed. Even after that, you still need to know what insights to stitch together so you can create the most value for your business.

A visualisation of a Work outstanding report using PowerBI workbook with Karbon Practice Intelligence.

But what if you did have a way to find, analyze and leverage your firm’s data to answer these fundamental questions? Data that helps you understand:

  • Your top opportunities to drive efficiency

  • If you’re pricing your services correctly

  • Your biggest revenue-drivers

  • Who your highest performing team members are

  • Who your most profitable clients are (and who are your biggest time wasters)

What would it mean to you, your team, your firm and your clients if you could answer these questions with genuine confidence?

We developed Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) to do just that: to help you find these critical business insights, to align your team around common goals, and to bring clarity and speed to your firm.

We built it so you didn’t have to. Our customers now have access to integrated analytics at scale without having to move and/or copy data around.

What is Karbon Practice Intelligence?

It’s no mistake that Karbon Practice Intelligence’s acronym is synonymous with the Key Performance Indicator. KPI helps you focus on the metrics that matter most to your firm, so you can cut through the noise to get to actionable insights.

KPI plays a pivotal role in accessing data from Karbon and pairing this with any data warehouse of your choice, which you can use to better understand your data holistically.

By allowing you to see historical information, you can leverage KPI to understand your firm’s profitability and make informed decisions around key areas like revenue and profit, pricing, and process improvements.

A visualisation of a budget report using PowerBI workbook with Karbon Practice Intelligence.
A visualisation of a budget report using PowerBI workbook with Karbon Practice Intelligence.

What can you achieve with Karbon Practice Intelligence?

One of the beauties of KPI is specificity. It’s not one-size-fits all because it’s your data collected and visualized how you need it. But at a high-level, KPI:

  • Helps pull valuable business insights faster by providing tailored reports and dashboards that focus on your business's KPIs and metrics

  • Integrates your Karbon data with the rest of your firm’s data to provide a single source of truth

  • Alleviates the need for manually updating spreadsheets or manipulating extracts by providing secure, up-to-date connections to our database

  • Is completely flexible and customizable to your reporting needs

  • Enables you to deep-dive into data with pre-built workbooks on-demand, right in Karbon 

Karbon Practice Intelligence will improve data analysis by enabling information to be distributed across the firm more efficiently and consistently to drive your firm forward.

Who is Karbon Practice Intelligence for?

KPI is designed to enable data-driven decision making across every level of your accounting firm. So if you're looking to structure your firm’s growth based on data—whatever growth means to you—you will reap significant rewards.

Accounting firms across the globe are already finding value in what KPI does. Steffen Hoyemsvoll from UK-based firm Ecommerce Accountants has shared his thoughts:

“I’m really excited about what Karbon Practice Intelligence can do for our firm. We’ve already eliminated manual data-entry tasks, automated core reports, and have full visibility of all our data in a way that’s actually usable.”

A visualisation of the time report using PowerBI workbook with Karbon Practice Intelligence.
A visualisation of the time report using PowerBI workbook with Karbon Practice Intelligence. 

A solution to connect each part of your accounting firm

KPI isn’t just about unlocking your firm’s data. It’s also an important way to connect your team to every corner of your business—from client-facing aspects to the operational functions.

Ultimately, KPI connects your team to the bigger picture of your firm, and empowers you and them with the key knowledge and data to make sound business decisions.

High performing firms strive to create a shared ownership and understanding of success across the entire team. To ensure a clear line of sight that connects your firm’s day-to-day with the big picture learn more about KPI.