Karbon launches accounting practice management AI tool

The first version of Karbon AI offers several ways to be more efficient with email using GPT technology.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 2, 2023 — Karbon today announced Karbon AI, a GPT-powered artificial intelligence tool embedded within the industry-leading accounting practice management software used by over 3,000 accounting firms globally. Karbon AI will initially have a beta release before being made available to all customers. 

Karbon AI will initially focus on making accountants more efficient with their email while improving the client experience they offer. Functionality includes the ability to summarize long email conversations and internal discussions, adjust the tone of email, assess the priority of inbox emails, and compose email drafts based on prompts and from within workflow tasks.

Karbon Chief Executive Officer, Mary Delaney, said that Karbon’s collaborative practice management software is uniquely placed to help accountants unlock the benefits of artificial intelligence to increase productivity. “Artificial intelligence and GPT technology are most useful when integrated into the tools that you already work with,” said Delaney. 

“When artificial intelligence is in the context of your workflow, it can be prompted by your existing data without relinquishing privacy or security. As a truly connected practice management solution, Karbon is home to more context than any other tool in an accounting firm’s workflow, and is open to vast possibilities with AI. It’s where client management, communication, collaboration, work, and planning all take place.”

Karbon Chief Product Officer, Sara Goepel, said that the email management enhancements Karbon AI offers at launch are an important first step, but there is much more planned. “Large parts of an accountant’s day are driven by email,” says Goepel. “The first version of Karbon AI primarily focuses on improving the email experience and increasing the 16.5 hours saved per week for every individual user, which Karbon delivers.”

“This is just the beginning. We are continuing to develop Karbon AI and expand what it can do with data across the collaborative workflow to automate more tasks, save more time, and add more value to accounting firms and their clients.”

​​About Karbon

Karbon, a global leader in practice management software for accounting firms, provides an award-winning, collaborative cloud platform focused on streamlining work and communications within a firm and its clients. Karbon drives unprecedented value for its customers evidenced by its #1 ranking on G2 and customer-reported savings of 16.5 hours per week per employee. Founded in 2014, Karbon has customers in 33 countries with employees across US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Karbon is well-funded and backed by Tidemark, Five Elms, and Blackbird.

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