Introducing Karbon AI

When Karbon was first launched, it was built on the belief that accountants deserved better. A better way to collaborate with their team, communicate with their clients, and get work done—in a carefully crafted solution engineered specifically for accountants.

The hero image that is introducing Karbon AI. It's a vibrant coral background with textured geometric shapes in each corner, and the words 'Karbon AI' in black in the center.

This tool would be their central place and archive of everything important. The first app opened at the start of the day and the last that they log out of at the end.

We knew the impact would be huge—with everything connected in a solution that has the needs of modern accounting firms deeply considered at every single stage of design and development. Greater productivity, happier staff, satisfied clients, and peace of mind for partners.

These core beliefs guided us to build Karbon into G2’s #1-rated accounting practice management solution and have customers who report savings of 16.5 hours per week, per employee.

Today, we’re taking another huge step forward in this direction with the launch of Karbon AI.

Karbon AI combines the revolutionary power of generative artificial intelligence and GPT technology with the context of your accounting firm. 

As your accounting firm’s practice management solution, Karbon is home to more context than any other tool. It’s where your client management, communication, collaboration, work, and planning take place.

And Karbon AI will draw on all of this to provide you with new ways to automate tasks and work faster, all while improving the client experience that you provide.

This is what’s possible with the first version of Karbon AI

The first version of Karbon AI concentrates on making you more efficient with your email and how you communicate with clients. 

Here are some examples of what you’ll be able to do:

  • Summarize long email conversations and internal discussions. Rather than spending time getting up to speed through a long email chain, a bite-sized summary can show you what’s important and actionable before you choose to dig deeper.

  • Compose an email draft. Karbon AI can create the first draft of an email based on some short prompts or keywords. You can then review and adjust before sending.

  • Provide personalized updates to your clients as their job progresses. Set a task within your Karbon work item to automatically draft an email reflecting your progress and any other prompts you provide.

  • Prioritize your inbox. Karbon AI assesses urgency, sentiment, and tone to show you which emails need your attention first.

  • Improve your writing. Improve outgoing client emails by making them more conversational, direct, apologetic or neutral. With one click you can adjust the tone to suit the situation.

A snapshot of Karbon AI in action. At the top of the image, there is a discussion happening between colleagues in Karbon's comments. Directly underneath, there is a 'Summarizing' icon, and under that, is Karbon AI's summary of the discussion in 3 simple bullet points.
An example of Karbon AI summarizing an internal discussion.

Because Karbon AI is embedded into the Karbon practice management platform, there is no switching back and forth between apps. You also maintain security and privacy over your data, because Karbon AI is powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Currently, Karbon AI is in a beta release, but will soon be available to all customers. Karbon customers can register their interest for early access to the beta program here.

Karbon AI is just getting started

Based heavily on feedback and input from customers, Karbon AI will continue to be developed with capabilities that expand across your collaborative workflow in Karbon.

Karbon is already saving each individual user an average of 16.5 hours every week, but this is just the beginning. Karbon AI will provide new ways for you to be more productive across client management, reporting and insights, work management, capacity planning, team collaboration, email, and more.

The possibilities are endless. And we’re just getting started.