Karbon product roadmap preview: Features and updates coming in Q2 2023

Sara GoepelChief Product Officer, Karbon
Sara Goepel

Here's what's coming to Karbon 🎉

In this video, Karbon Chief Product Officer, Sara Goepel, and her team of Product Managers share the latest updates from Karbon, what's coming, and how you can expect you, your team, accounting firm, and clients to benefit.

They reveal:

  • What to expect in Q2

  • Artificial Intelligence and GPT technology in Karbon

  • Exciting integration updates

  • Updates on Karbon Practice Intelligence

  • Updates on the Billing Beta (including what's happening now, and what's coming up)

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Sara GoepelChief Product Officer, Karbon
Sara Goepel
Amelia FreemanProduct Manager, Karbon
Amelia Freeman
Dave GeorgeGroup Product Manager, Karbon
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Stuart KingSenior Product Manager, Karbon
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Logan BaillieProduct Manager, Karbon
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Dee JohnsDirector of Product Marketing, Karbon
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