What we believe


We live in an always-on economy.

A globalized 24/7 world where people expect a driver, a pizza, new shoes, banking, movies, music, instantly, day or night.

Organizations have evolved. Globally distributed. Multi time-zone. Multi-location. Markets are vast. Communication is rapid.

Face-to-face has given way to email, smart devices, instant chat, video calling, and app notifications.

Data is collected and distributed at staggering volumes and it’s ever-increasing.

Yet with all this technological advancement, we work more hours than ever, but seem to get less done.

We are now connected to our work environment at every hour of the day. Our connected devices provide an incessant stream of notifications from applications designed to steal our attention.

9–to–5 has turned into 24/7.

We are always connected, always communicating, constantly distracted.

Uninterrupted time, where meaningful work can get done, is harder and harder to find. But uninterrupted time is a precious resource that we believe is worth protecting.

We believe there is a need for a collaborative platform where teams work with colleagues in a sustainable and distraction-free environment.

A platform that focuses on output rather than eyeballs.

That integrates workflow with team communication. That allows you to triage your inbox and focus on what’s important.

That provides visibility for everyone in an organization.

And protects the time of every member of a team so they can get work done, knowing the information they need is available when they need it.

This is why we built Karbon.

An advanced work and communication hub built for the way we work today.

Where collaboration happens in the context of the work itself.

Where you get to go home each day with the peace of mind that everything is under control.

This is what we believe in.