Why you shouldn’t wait before implementing technology

Why you shouldn’t wait before implementing technology

If you are sitting on a potential new system for your business or waiting for ‘things to quieten down’ before implementing that new piece of technology, it probably isn’t the right move long-term. But not for the reasons that you might think.

Unique challenges emerge the larger and older a business gets, and these take considerable time to rectify. Many of these challenges can be solved through technology and processes. But these challenges can be foreseen. The sooner technology is implemented, the sooner the results will be seen.

This discovery is one of nine key insights identified in The Business Ability of Accounting Firms, which reveals the core weaknesses and progress of 250 accounting firms across the globe that were assessed through our Practice Excellence Scorecard.


As Ian Vacin, VP of Education outlines in his video, participating accounting firms were assessed across 12 competencies that were identified as being critical to the long-term success of a business.

Breaking down the average results across these 12 competencies based on the size of the business shows that generally, they become more proficient as they grow larger. However, there are two exceptions. In the areas of technology and innovation, the skills of these accounting firms actually grow progressively weaker.


Looking at firms based on their tenure—how long they have existed as a business—paints a similar picture. As they mature, firms generally become more in most areas. But once again, the clear exceptions are technology and innovation. As a general rule, the older a business, the less likely it will excel in these areas.


This backs up what many assume, but may dedicate a lot of thought into preparing for. That as a business grows larger or matures, it only gets harder to make changes. This change might be implementing a new system, or innovating a common day-to-day process.

If you know something is the right decision in the long-term, stop dragging your heels. Make the change now, put up with a bit of short-term pain, but know that you will reap the rewards in the future.

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