10 tips and 5 tools to boost your tax season productivity


Get a head start on the upcoming tax season by fine-tuning your processes and exploring technology that can help you be more efficient.

In this session, Ian Vacin, co-founder and Chief Partnerships Officer of Karbon, joins StanfordTax, Liscio, Tallyfor, Intuit ProConnect, and Paro to share his top ten tax season productivity tips and showcases how these five tax tools can drive further time-savings for the tax season ahead.

Watch to learn how to:

  • Save time this tax season with Karbon’s top 10 tax season productivity tips

  • Integrate Karbon  with Intuit ProConnect

  • Set up modern and client-friendly tax questionnaires with StanfordTax

  • Create a professional client experience with Liscio

  • Turn books into tax workpapers with Tallyfor

  • Source US-based tax experts for flex staffing with Paro

Download the presentation slides here.