Using a process to build a culture

Steph HindsHead Ninja, Growthwise

Culture is such an important part of building a business. Having a great culture helps retain and attract team members, reducing your recruitment costs, and helping with continuity and speed in your business. Great culture also helps in attracting and retaining clients as it’s much easier to provide consistent service. As with everything, when we get busy it’s easy to lose focus. And consistency is key when building a culture.

In this session, Steph Hinds from Growthwise will show you how to design and implement a process to build a great culture in your accounting firm. She will explain how to ensure culture is always a priority, without it consuming too much of your time.

Steph Hinds
Head Ninja, Growthwise

Steph is the founder of Growthwise, a Newcastle-based accounting firm. She is on a mission to help accountants collaborate, challenge and learn from each other to shape the future of the accounting industry.