Prototyping your accounting firm towards sustainable growth


How can you scale your accounting firm in a way that doesn’t induce chaos?

Jason Blumer, CPA, Founder/CEO of Thriveal CPA Network has spent the last 5 years developing and using the Prototype Components Model for Growth—a proprietary model of growth for service firms.

In this video, Jason will outline the model and demonstrate how you can use it to manage your firm’s growth sustainably.

Watch to learn:

  • How to approach scaling your firm in a balanced and ordered way

  • How to assess risks associated with scaling your firm

  • Practical leadership skills that are foundational to scaling your firm

If you’re struggling to grow your firm, unsure of next steps, or if you’ve reached a growth ceiling, the Prototype Components Model for Growth will provide you with the roadmap to build a firm that will outlast you and allow you to work with a team and clients that you love.