Tracking time to manage capacity and improve efficiency


A detailed understanding of your firm's capacity is critical for planning, managing, and delivering client services, particularly during the busy tax period.

In this video from Karbon and TSheets, featuring leading accountants who use both systems, learn best practices for using the time you track to predict how long a process will take, plan and manage the capacity of your team, and improve the efficiency of your most common processes.

You can also get a sneak peek of the newly launched integration between TSheets and Karbon, and learn how you can seamlessly combine the two apps to track time against work or clients, gain control over your staff's productivity, standardize processes and streamline your workflows.


Learning objectives:

  • How to project the time a common process will take

  • What to look for to improve the efficiency of a process

  • How to budget based on the type of work and time it will come in

  • Steps to monitor and manage capacity while in the middle of busy season

Download the presentation slides.