Announcing: The first Karbon Customer Council

We’re on a mission to build the world's best practice management solution for accounting firms, meet the needs of our customers and shape the future of the accounting industry. To help us achieve this, we have established the Karbon Customer Council (KCC).

6 Karbon staff members surrounding a table outdoors. 4 of them are sitting at the table, working from laptops. The other 2 are standing, looking over the others and engaged in conversations.

The council’s core purpose is to ensure Karbon is aligned with the needs of customers and the future direction of the industry. In addition to that, KCC members will provide advice and feedback on Karbon and key initiatives, and take part in industry events, webinars and discussions.

We are thrilled to announce the founding members of the Karbon Customer Council, an outstanding group of leading accounting professionals from across the globe:

Dan's headshot on the left, with the words 'Dan Gertrudes, GrowthLab Financial Services, Inc.' on the right.

Dan is CEO & Co-Founder of GrowthLab Financial Services, a Finance-as-a-Service (FaaS) specializing in supporting startups, emerging companies, and companies in turnaround mode by providing assistance with financial management, accounting, and strategic planning functions.

Tysons' headshot on the left, with the words 'Tyson Chapman, Platform Accounting Group' on the right.

Tyson began his career in a family owned and operated real estate brokerage, which is where he learned the meaning of a ‘family firm’ culture. These days, he is COO at Platform Accounting Group, leading all people and operations initiatives.

Marni's headshot on the left, with the words 'Marni Garcia, Black Sheep Services' on the right.

Marni has been offering bookkeeping, consulting, and complete back-office support for over 20 years, and in 2006 she founded Black Sheep Services with the goal of bringing like-minded professionals together to serve a wide-range of clients.

Tom's headshot on the left, with the words 'Tom Li, Berg Karpow Lewis LLP' on the right.

Tom is a Cloud Accounting Business Adviser at Berg Karpow Lewis LLP, and in 2021, was named a top 10 finalist in the Rising Star category at the Digital Accountancy Awards.

Brent's headshot on the left, with the words 'Brent Morrison, Pentins' on the right.

Brent is the Co-Director of Pentins Business Advisers, specializing in helping entrepreneurs and ambitious business leaders maximize their potential and grow successful and sustainable businesses.

Chris' headshot on the left, with the words 'Chris Stubbs, ASAP Accounting & Payroll' on the right.

Chris has an extensive background as a seasoned CFO, and throughout his years of practice, he has experience in just about every role of a business—from owner to manager, to marketing and sales, to mergers and acquisitions.

Kylene's headshot on the left, with the words 'Kylene O'Connor Carse, BWCO CPAs' on the right.

Kylene is a Partner at BWCO CPAs, an all-women accounting firm in San Antonio, Texas. She is passionate about using cloud accounting software to best-serve her clients, many of whom she considers family.

Jag's headshot on the left, with the words 'Jag Singh, CapexCPA' on the right.

Jag is a CPA and the Founder of CapexCPA. He thrives on pushing the boundaries of accounting industry norms and uses cutting-edge technology to provide clients with improved business processes and cost savings.

Ryan's headshot on the left, with the words 'Ryan Gollan, CFM Bookkeeping' on the right.

Ryan is a registered BAS agent, qualified accountant, certified bookkeeper and current member of the MIPA, MICB and the Australian Bookkeepers Network. With a management accounting focus specializing in small business cash flow, he enjoys making a difference in the lives of local small business owners.

We are delighted to welcome each founding member to the Karbon Customer Council, and look forward to working closely with them, and utilizing their valuable experiences and expertise.