Best practices collaborating with your team


Teams in the best-performing accounting firms work toward a shared purpose and common goals. They collaborate in perfect sync with one another. 

In this video, Ian Vacin and Steph Hinds (Growthwise) share the secrets of these firms. They outline best practices for collaborating as a team to ensure nothing is performed in a silo, everyone is aware of what they are responsible for, and what the rest of the team is working on.

Watch to learn:

  • How to determine the best communication technique for your team

  • Collaboration methods for onboarding and handling clients

  • Best practices when managing and working on shared team projects

  • The art of delegation

  • Modern tools and proven techniques that encourage collaboration within your team and with clients

Whether your team is small or large, under one roof or dispersed remotely around the world, this video outlines how you can utilize the perfect mix of technology and human interaction to work seamlessly as one unit.