3 ways to strengthen client relationships using Karbon

Your clients should be at the centre of everything you do.

When you think of any decision made in your accounting firm, you should be able to answer one important question: How does it benefit the lives of our clients?

Successful firms make sure the systems, tools and processes in-place play a role in providing value to their clients.

This value may include:

  • Industry-specific knowledge

  • Proactivity (not reactivity)

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Diverse advisory services

But ultimately, it’s about ensuring your client relationships are built on trust and transparency. Here are some ways accounting firms are using Karbon to strengthen their client relationships.

VIDEN—Ensuring no client falls through the cracks

VIDEN, a multi-disciplinary firm with 120+ staff across five offices in Australia and India, understands the importance of visibility across their workload.

Internally, Karbon enables collaboration and increased efficiency at VIDEN.

Externally, it ensures no client falls through the cracks.

Kelly Evans, Client Service Coordinator at VIDEN, explains how Karbon helps to identify clients who will benefit from being cross-referenced to different departments.

“With Karbon, we can see that someone from our financial planning department has emailed a client and identified that they could use a virtual CFO offering or an outsourced finance function. The appropriate team members can then get in there and introduce the right people.”

Ultimately, we want to make sure that our client is getting the best advice and the best service out there. Karbon helps us achieve that.

Kelly Evans, Client Service Coordinator, VIDEN

Without Karbon, VIDEN risks becoming a siloed business that misses opportunities to provide their clients with a holistic accounting service.

Catalyst—Enhancing communication with clients

Canadian firm Catalyst, with over 40 years of experience and 70+ staff, know the importance of effective client communication.

Because Karbon provides a centralized hub for all work, the Catalyst team is able to understand their clients’ situations at a high level. This then allows them to have deeper client conversations.

To be that trusted advisor we need to work well between our different units. Karbon has greatly improved communication and collaboration across the entire business.

Jeff Jobson, Partner, Catalyst

The ability to see who is working on each task, job and project for any particular client means Karbon increases the team’s efficiency and clarity. And this means client communication is always clear and informed.

BNA—Increasing efficiency to deliver the ultimate client experience

South Carolina-based firm, BNA, uses Karbon to deliver tax returns in 3 days.

Compared to the average tax return turnaround of 18-20 days in the US, this is a drastic efficiency increase.

And the team at BNA puts it down to processes-driven accounting.

“We have always had all of our processes written down, but we needed technology to take our efficiency to the next level,” says Jason Akerman, CPA.

With the ability to document templates, Karbon enabled BNA to operationalize these processes. Client work is now created directly from these templates, ensuring that every step in their tried-and-tested formula is carried out correctly.

As a result, their clients benefit from quick turnaround times, and ultimately, an enhanced client experience.

Not just a benefit for your firm’s internal processes

Karbon provides accounting firms with unparalleled clarity, streamlined processes and improved communications.

But accounting firms aren’t the only beneficiaries of these outcomes. Their clients, too, reap the rewards Karbon provides.

And, at the end of the day, it’s client satisfaction that differentiates successful firms from the rest.