The recruiting secrets Sky Accountants use to attract & hire world-class talent

Jamie JohnsCEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants
Jamie Johns

Finding and hiring great staff is the number one challenge reported by accounting firm owners around the world. It’s the main reason many firms are unable to scale, and it’s also one of the most expensive problems to get wrong.

Yet some businesses are able to overcome the common challenges and build world-class teams that drive their success. In this video, you’ll find out what they do differently.

Jamie Johns shares the steps he has used to attract, hire and develop a team that has led Sky Accountants from strength to strength. Drawing on a method that he has finetuned over more than 10 years, you’ll discover a blueprint for building your own world-class team.

Watch to learn:

  • Why you cannot simply throw bodies at a problem

  • The differences between hiring offshore versus locally

  • A proven method to identify the best candidates during the hiring phase

  • How to empower win-win relationships with your staff

  • How to overcome cultural differences

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Jamie Johns
CEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants

Jamie founded Sky Accountants in 2003, which has gone on to be awarded Panalitix's Accounting Business of the Year and Most Innovative Accounting Firm of The Year, and IPA's Australian Member of the Year and Victorian Practice of the Year. Sky Accountants was also featured in the book, "The World's Most Inspiring Accountants". Today, Jamie oversees the growth of Sky Group’s various businesses and mentors clients through WIZE Mentoring, which he co-founded with Ed Chan.

Jamie Johns