Managing a remote team with Karbon


Remote work is on the rise, but it isn't without its complications. How do you know who is doing what? How does your team collaborate? How do you ensure no work falls through the cracks and no client is neglected?

In this video, Wayne Schmidt (Accounting Practice Advisor) shows you how other remote teams are being managed with Karbon. Wayne is joined by Karbon customers Bruce Philips (HPC CPA) and Tim Goode (Sky Accountants), who share the best practices they use to manage their team while they all work in different corners of the globe.

You'll learn how these remote accounting firms use Karbon's new approach to practice management to:

  • Maintain visibility across their team's workflows

  • Collaborate as a team

  • Communicate with clients

  • Set expectations, deliverables and responsibilities

  • Standardize their process