How to perfect your firm’s tax workflow: A quick guide from Rachel Fisch of Realty Tax

Is perfection achievable for your firm’s tax workflows?

Maybe, maybe not. But with the right approach, you can make sure that they are as effective as they can be, with no missed deadlines due to process mishaps. 

How can you get there?

In this session, Rachel Fisch, Principal at Realty Tax, joins Joe Carufe, Karbon’s Director of Services, to showcase her best practices for building the ideal tax workflows.

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Identify and map your workflows

  • Standardize your processes and workflows

  • Ensure accountability in each step of your workflow

  • Automate your tax workflows

  • Continuously improve

Whether you’re able to attend live, register anyway so you can receive a recording after the session. See you there!

Joe Carufe
Director of Services, Karbon

Joe has led cloud accounting firms since 2011, focusing on strategy, leadership, technology, efficiency, and talent integration. He is passionate about process improvement and loves talking with leading accounting firms and other top app vendors from across the globe.

Joe's headshot. He's wearing a black tshirt with the Karbon logo, and behind him is blurred greenery.

Rachel Fisch
Principal, Realty Tax

Before starting her firm, Realty Tax, Rachel was the Chief Global Development Officer for High Rock Accounting, consulting for several accounting technology partners including Wagepoint. She is known for predicting where the market is heading and takes a strategic approach to accounting software, applications, and understanding how to position their features for a global market.

Rachel Fisch