End tax season chaos: 3 challenges you can solve with Karbon Practice Intelligence

Ian VacinCo-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon
Ian Vacin

Reclaim calm and peace-of-mind during tax season with Karbon Practice Intelligence.

Gone are the days of traditional and outdated reporting and reactive decision making.

Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) is how growth-oriented accounting firms are making smarter, insight-driven decisions. They leverage fast, flexible and intuitive analytics.

In this video, Ian Vacin, Karbon Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Saadat Qadri, VP of Data, and Logan Baillie, Product Manager team up to show how you can quickly make sense of your firm’s current data with the help of our curated and easy-to-understand dashboards.

You'll see how KPI shows you:

  • Where the bottlenecks are in workflows.

  • Where the firm is tracking this month in billable hours vs. planned.

  • What the capacity is of the team to complete work on time.

Ian VacinCo-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon
Ian Vacin
Logan BaillieProduct Manager, Karbon
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Saadat QadriVP of Data, Karbon
Saadat's headshot. He has short, dark hair, stubble and is wearing a black tshirt.