Passing of the baton: A message from our co-founder Stuart McLeod

Since 2014, Karbon has been improving the lives of accounting firms and their clients throughout the world. The success and impact of our organization on over 3,000 customers is something that I’m very proud of. Our team is a group of the most talented and exceptional people that I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.

Starting with a whiteboard, John, Sara, Pax joined me to carve out a future for accountants that envisioned a work day that was about getting more done and rediscovering the enjoyment of helping clients on their journey to success. Our hypothesis was that accountants were underserved by their practice management vendors and I still believe this holds true today. At Karbon we have always tried our best to do what is right for the industry and genuinely make a difference.

Having reflected recently on our achievements and contemplating our next 10 years, I’ve realized the aspects of my role that I enjoy the most are related to the creation and invention of great solutions more than nearly everything else. And given the fact that we have amazing and experienced leadership in place now, I’ve decided that the time is right to step back from my current role. I will still be heavily involved as a director on the board and work closely with the entire team in that role.

When I first raised this idea with Dave and Joe and Jack, the discussion naturally turned to the choice of successor. I’m thrilled to let you know that Mary Delaney has agreed to take the reins of Karbon.

Mary has decades of experience in the software industry and has been in the CEO role before. Since starting with us in June, I’ve been humbled and inspired by her knowledge, humanity and work ethic. The board and I have no doubt that Mary is the right person to take Karbon to $100m and far beyond. 

As I conclude my current role at Karbon, I want to give particular thanks to the people that have contributed so greatly to the company and to those whom our success would not have been possible. Everyone in the company that has contributed so positively, past, present and future, I thank you personally for all your efforts and may your Karbon journey continue to be an amazing and meaningful career experience.

To Karbon customers, nothing would have been possible without you. Your passion, feedback, energy and commitment to the platform is very special. Your future with Karbon is one that I’m excited about and our capacity to deliver for you will only increase over the coming years. Our main investors, from the early days Blackbird and Niki Scevak, and more recently Joe Onofrio from Five Elms and Dave Yuan at Tidemark, we are privileged to be on this journey with you, and we look forward to continued great outcomes.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my wife Amanda for constantly being my rock and support throughout the journey. I will be focused on spending some time with the family, alongside taking an active role on the board and remaining a significant investor in Karbon. Skiing the remaining of the huge winter in Tahoe is also high on the list.

The Karbon leadership team at Schaffer's Mill, California, June 2022