Onboarding a new staff member


An effective staff onboarding process means any new hire will be performing meaningful work for your clients in a shorter timeframe. It can also increase staff retention, job satisfaction, and strengthen their commitment to your firm. 

In this video, Wayne Schmidt is joined by Timothy Munro (Change Accountants) and Chris Hooper (Accodex) who share the onboarding processes they have developed and use in their firms with great success.


  • How the most successful firms build, implement and optimize their staff onboarding process

  • The steps your own staff onboarding process must include—systems, skills, meetings, culture and equipment and more

  • How to document and standardize your onboarding process in a Karbon template

  • How to track the progress of each new hire using Karbon

With the onboarding best practices outlined in this video, you'll reduce the resources and time you are currently investing when any new hire starts, and sooner reap the rewards of their skills and knowledge.