TMS Financial's 3-step workflow system that drives their efficiency and growth

Thomas S. PhabmixayGeneral Manager, TMS Tax Accounting & Financial Services

Go behind the scenes with the firm leaders and accountants who are using Karbon in their practice every day.

In this customer conversation, Thomas S. Phabmixay from TMS Financial reveals the 3-step system he has implemented for growth, efficiency and streamlined workflow, and how it's all managed in Karbon.

Thomas discusses and shares:

  • The previous workflow solutions that he trialled before implementing Karbon

  • The Wize 3-step workflow system that he uses to manage the lifecycle through Discovery, Proposal and Production

  • The workflow statuses he uses in Karbon

  • The actual Karbon templates that he uses to drive efficiency

  • His favorite Kanban dashboards and filters he uses to stay on top of everything across his firm

This video is suitable for everyone who wants an insight on how Karbon is being used inside a thriving accounting firm, whether you are an existing customer or coming across Karbon for the first time.

Bonus download: Learn more about the 3-step system that Thomas uses to get work done faster, manage staff productivity, and work fewer hours, in this free eBook from Wize Mentoring.

Thomas S. Phabmixay
General Manager, TMS Tax Accounting & Financial Services

Thomas has been a Karbon customer for more than two years, and says it has been instrumental in allowing him to drive efficiency and coordinating work across his teams at TMS Financial. He is also a mentor at Wize Mentoring.