How to manage big practice improvement change in older, traditional firms


Change can be frightening. But it’s never been more important to welcome change into your accounting firm.

It’s your pathway to revitalizing your practices, remaining competitive with modern firms, and achieving the remarkable growth you know is possible.

Tim Causbrook from Wize Mentoring and Causbrook & Associates will dive into his experience guiding traditional firms through big change. He’ll share the best strategies and approaches to help you rejuvenate your business.

In this session, you will:

  • Explore the dynamics of traditional firms: Understand the unique challenges and opportunities they present when it comes to change management.

  • Leverage the power of employee engagement: Learn how to engage your team in the process of change, and discover ways to harness their knowledge and enthusiasm.

  • Craft a tailored change roadmap: Learn how to create a customized change roadmap that aligns with your firm's specific needs, culture, and objectives.

  • Explore success stories: Hear real stories from traditional firms that have successfully embraced change.

  • Learn from your peers: Participate in a Q&A session and connect with peers facing similar challenges.