How Pretium Solutions is saving time and boosting productivity with Karbon Practice Intelligence


How difficult is it to report on your firm's performance?

What is your biggest reporting challenge? Do you constantly ask yourself what should be measured to understand the performance of your firm? And do you struggle to find the information across disparate systems to piece together?

It doesn't have to be this difficult. That's why we developed Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI).

KPI helps you find critical business insights, align your team around common goals, and brings clarity and speed to your firm.

To see it in action, Paul Sweeney from Pretium Solutions shares how he uses it, including:

  • How KPI uncovered inefficient processes

  • What data Pretium Solutions is capturing and how they're leveraging it

  • How KPI has helped uncover (and then bill for) out-of-scope work

  • How KPI has improved their client communication and team accountability