Introducing the Karbon COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit

I hope you and your family are safe and well during this very surreal time. Things are changing rapidly and our lives and businesses are being impacted in significant ways.

We have spoken to many of our customers to understand the challenges that they are facing. And we have thought about how we can provide the most assistance to them, and other accounting firms across the globe.

To help your firm respond and provide your clients with the assistance they need right now, we have prepared the Karbon COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit.

This toolkit contains a set of resources to enable you to help your firm and your clients during this period. It will enable you to work with as many of your clients as possible to help them survive this period. We hope that it will make your life easier, more efficient and effective, as we always strive for.

What is the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit?

The kit is a valuable resource to enable your firm to provide the assistance your clients need right now. It includes detailed steps to assist you in helping your clients access your government's stimulus packages in a rapid and scalable fashion, and to facilitate communication and collaboration with these clients remotely.

It is completely free for all accounting firms and our way of supporting the profession during this challenging time.

What is included?

You will receive a detailed set of templates tailored to your region and the specific stimulus packages that have been made available. If you are a Karbon customer, these will be uploaded directly to your account. Once uploaded, you can, if interested, request a complimentary bulk work upload using these templates (normally valued at $999).

How do I access the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit?

Karbon customers

Complete this form to request the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit for your region and its specific stimulus packages.

You will receive a detailed template pack tailored to your region and its specific stimulus packages. These will be uploaded directly to your Karbon account, along with the associated Automators, Work Types, Statuses and Roles.

Please note that some templates are not yet available due to lack of government regulations announced. We will upload them to your account as soon as they are available.

Due to the expected high level of interest, it may take up to 3-4 business days for these to appear in your Karbon account.


Complete the same form as above. After completing the form, you can start a free trial of Karbon. Your COVID-19 Rapid Response templates will be added to your new account.

If you'd prefer not to start a trial right now, you can also download the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit for your region as Excel spreadsheets. Please note that the templates were designed for use primarily in Karbon, so many of the details will not apply when used outside of Karbon.

Later this week we will be hosting a webinar to reveal more detail about what is included in the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit, and outline how you can utilize the templates in Karbon. You can register here.

We know that this is a challenging time, and we will do everything we can to help you and your accounting firm.

We will be adding additional templates as more government regulations are finalized, and sharing further information and guides to help you implement and personalize these templates. Stay tuned.

And above all, stay safe.