Utilizing templates from the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit in Karbon

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The Karbon COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit includes templates that can be uploaded to your Karbon account, to assist your firm during this challenging period.

The templates outline steps for helping your clients access your government's stimulus packages in a rapid and scalable fashion, and to facilitate communication and collaboration with these clients remotely.

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In this webinar, Ian Vacin will walk through using these templates in Karbon. He will outline best practices for customizing them to suit your firm, and fine tuning them for maximum efficiency using Automators, Work Types, Statuses and Roles.

You'll learn:

  • An overview of everything included in the Karbon COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit

  • Steps to personalize these templates to suit your unique workflows, team and clients

  • How to use Automators to maintain powerfully efficient workflows

  • How to maximize efficiency using Work Types, Statuses and Roles and more

This video is suitable for current customers, or those who want an introduction into Karbon and the COVID-19 Rapid Response Kit.