Communication and meeting rhythms to drive the perfect client relationship

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Building strong client relationships is one of the most important things you can do for your accounting practice. Not only will a satisfied client stay with your firm longer, refer you to others and be more likely to seek additional services; they'll also be more enjoyable and efficient to engage with.

Vital to a positive accountant-client relationship is the way you communicate with them. Join Jamie Johns from Sky Accounting and WIZE Mentoring to find out the meeting and communication tactics you should be using to build and maintain a perfect relationship.

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  • A proven method for client communication and meeting rhythms

  • How to set and enforce the right client expectations

  • How to avoid scope creep and ensure you are paid correctly

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Jamie Johns
CEO & Co-Founder, Sky Accountants

Jamie Johns is the CEO & Founder of Sky Accountants, an Australian accounting firm serving business and individual clients. He also co-founded Wize Mentoring, along with Ed Chan and Brenton Ward. Through Wize Mentoring, Jamie and his team provide personal development and business mentoring services to help accounting practice owners scale and grow sustainably. A people-person at heart, Jamie spends his time connecting with people whether it’s at work or in his personal free time in order to help them achieve their goals.

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