Combining Liscio and Karbon to deliver flawless client experiences

Chris Farrell, CPACo-Founder, Liscio
Chris Farrell

Discover how you can combine two best-of-breed solutions to deliver a seamless experience for your clients from the very first conversation, right through to execution of their work.

Liscio Co-Founder Chris Farrell, CPA, and Karbon Co-Founder Ian Vacin reveal what the Liscio and Karbon integration will do for your firm’s client data, how you can set it up, and what will be coming next.

In this video, you’ll learn how you can create an efficient, effective and delightful end-to-end client experience, and send staff productivity through the roof while reducing stress in your practice.

Watch to learn:

  • A brief introduction to both Liscio and Karbon

  • What the integration does today

  • How to begin integrating both apps

  • What further developments are coming soon

Further resources

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Chris Farrell, CPA
Co-Founder, Liscio

Chris Farrell, CPA is C-Founder of Liscio, Inc. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Chris has more than 25 years of experience in the accounting, finance and software industries. Prior to Liscio, he co-founded and led SpringAhead and Tallie where he served as Chief Executive Officer.

He also served as the Chief Financial Officer of Occam Networks, the Corporate Controller of C-Cube Microsystems and as an auditor for Arthur Andersen.

He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and received his CPA license in California.

Chris Farrell

Ian Vacin
Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon

Ian is passionate about helping businesses be as successful as possible in order to positively impact the small businesses they serve. With 25+ years' experience in technology & process improvement and 15+ years of leadership experience in the accounting industry at Karbon, Xero, and Intuit, Ian is a recognized expert, innovator, and teacher.

Ian Vacin