Combining Liscio and Karbon to deliver flawless client experiences


Discover how you can combine two best-of-breed solutions to deliver a seamless experience for your clients from the very first conversation, right through to execution of their work.

Liscio Co-Founder Chris Farrell, CPA, and Karbon Co-Founder Ian Vacin reveal what the Liscio and Karbon integration will do for your firm’s client data, how you can set it up, and what will be coming next.

In this video, you’ll learn how you can create an efficient, effective and delightful end-to-end client experience, and send staff productivity through the roof while reducing stress in your practice.

Watch to learn:

  • A brief introduction to both Liscio and Karbon

  • What the integration does today

  • How to begin integrating both apps

  • What further developments are coming soon

Further resources

Download the presentation slides.