Webinar 20240326 Tax season wellbeing (The Perk)
Webinar 20240326 Tax season wellbeing (The Perk)
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Karbon WebinarThis event is closed.

Busy tax season resilience: Staying strong in the final stretch

Leadership coach, Leah Roe, CPA shares her strategies to help you thrive during the final stretch of the US and Canadian tax seasons.


For many tax firms, ‘busy season’ means late nights, work on the weekend, high stress, hard deadlines, and an ongoing struggle just to stay on top of things.

For firms in North America, this is the reality right now.

The good news is: resilience and wellbeing will see you through to the other side.

Join leadership coach, Leah Roe, CPA as she prepares you with the knowledge to thrive during the final stretch of the US and Canadian tax season.

She’ll share:

  • Strategies for resilience so you can stay engaged, focused, and positive under the intense pressures of tax season

  • How your mindset influences resilience

  • Practical methods for recharging mentally and physically to sustain your performance during peak periods

  • How to develop your own resilience action plan, including identifying your purpose, support circle, empowering mindset, and wellbeing practices

Even if you’re not a Canadian or US tax accountant right in the thick of busy season, this session will prepare you for when your peak season arrives.

If you can’t join Leah live at this time, register to receive a copy of the recording.

Meet the speakers
  • Leah Roe
    Leah RoeFounder, The Perk

    Leah Roe is the Founder of The Perk, a premier Leadership Development studio on a mission to build the world's best leaders & teams. Leah is a CPA-turned leadership coach and culture consultant. She loves taking dynamic and complex topics, like trust, culture, communication and resilience, and breaking them down so leaders have actionable ways to take ownership over the culture they desire & the leader they want to be.

  • Rachel Peng
    Rachel PengMarketing Manager, Karbon

    Rachel leads Karbon’s marketing programs in North America. She spends most of her time understanding the work-life of the accountant-turned-entrepreneur, connecting with customers, and executing marketing strategies that bring value to the community Karbon serves. She is an extroverted introvert and has unhealthy obsessions with many things, one of which is spicy food.