Top 19 accounting and bookkeeping podcasts in 2024

Here's your list of the best accounting podcasts for accountants and bookkeepers across the globe in 2024.

On a timber table is a phone playing a podcast with headphones plugged in, next to a coffee.

In a day when every second person has a podcast, it can be difficult to find the ones that bring true value, especially as an accounting or bookkeeping professional.

Which ones will provide stories that will inspire you to run a stronger accounting practice? Which ones will provide you with the best advice for strengthening your services? Which are just sales pitches? 

This list cuts through the noise.

Here are 19 of the best accounting and bookkeeping podcasts right now

1. Thrivecast: A Podcast for Accountants

Thrivecast is an accounting podcast. On the left is Thrivecast's logo. On the right, it says Thrivecast, Jason Blumer (the podcast host).

Hosted by Thriveal CEO, Jason Blumer, CPA, this accounting podcast is an extension of the very essence of Thriveal: to inspire countercultural firm owners to embrace their entrepreneurial creativity and transform how they run their businesses.

Thrivecast showcases top accounting minds from across the globe.  They share their journeys and the lessons they’ve learned along the way, all with the intention of inspiring listeners to grow and evolve.

2. Payrollin’: Growing a Payroll Business That Matters

Light blue Payrollin' bookkeeping podcast logo with host, Matt Vaadi's picture.

This podcast is specifically for those offering payroll and/ or HR functions, and want to learn from other executives. 

Matt Vaadi, CEO of ERG Payroll, shares his own tips, and follows the stories of other payroll and HR experts—from their first mistakes to their latest mistakes, best practices, and struggles along the way.

3. Future Firm Accounting Podcast

Orange Future Firm Accounting Podcast logo with the words 'Future Firm Accounting Podcast' and a Venn diagram icon.

In host Ryan Lazanis’ own words, this podcast “takes a bit of a different spin” compared to others. Founder of Future Firm, Ryan offers ‘bite-sized’ episodes of no more than 10 minutes, focusing on actionable lessons accounting leaders can take to modernize their firm.

4. Accounting Leaders Podcast

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'Accounting Leaders Podcast' and 6 diagonal black lines from the bottom left with colored circles on the ends.

Hosted by Karbon co-founder, Stuart McLeod, the Accounting Leaders Podcast provides a unique perspective into what makes the world’s best accounting leaders tick.

Each episode, Stuart has an extended discussion with a different leader in the accounting profession from around the world to discover their story. He digs into what drives them, their biggest challenges (and how they overcame them), and their best advice to help other accounting firms succeed.

Although this podcast is no longer producing new episodes, the existing discussions still live on.

5. Black Wealth Renaissance Podcast

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'Black Wealth Renaissance Podcast' and cartoon faces of 4 black men and icons of a house, graph, cash and mic.

This podcast is an extension of the Black Wealth Renaissance Instagram community. Hosted by black entrepreneur, David Bellard, the Black Wealth Renaissance podcast aims to normalize black wealth and share helpful resources and tips for attaining and maintaining generational wealth. David and this team are joined by other black entrepreneurs and investors who share their experiences and knowledge. 

This podcast provides some useful information and resources to best-serve your BIPOC clients, and/ or if you’re a BIPOC accounting professional, the Black Wealth Renaissance website has a black CPA directory you can join.

6. Accounting High

The Accounting High podcast logo with a black and white image of host, Scott Scarano.

Hosted by Scott Scarano, President at Padgett Raleigh-Durham, this podcast features a slew of accounting professional guests—from CPAs to accounting tech vendor leaders. They chat about the current state of US accounting and tax, with the intention of amplifying the voices of the industry’s most inspiring change agents.

7. Cloud Stories

Accounting podcast logo with a pink background and the words 'Cloud Stories' and 'Heather Smith', and Heather's headshot.

In a podcast with origins back in 2014, the Cloud Stories podcast focuses on stories from the accounting technology world. Host Heather Smith is a self-professed ‘hype girl for accounting apps’. 

On this podcast, she interviews people who build and use leading accounting and business apps. Together, they share advice on building solid tech stacks, how to effectively introduce your stack to your clients, and best practices for automating your workflows to boost productivity and profitability.

8. The Bookkeeper Basecamp Podcast

Bookkeeping podcast logo with the words 'The Bookkeeper Basecamp Podcast' and host Kemberli Stephenson's picture.

Hosted by author, accountant and business coach, Kemberli Stephenson, the Bookkeeper Basecamp Podcast is for all accounting professionals looking to build a profitable virtual financial services business.

Kemberli has a specifically curated pool of guests, and each week, she interviews a business coach, support professional or other financial professional leading their field. They share their favorite business tips, tools and strategies.

She also shares her own journey and commentary on industry trends, insights and news.

9. The Soul of Enterprise

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'The Soul of Enterprise' and two white cartoon men playing the saxophone and piano.

Since 2014, Ron Baker and Ed Kless have recorded over 300 episodes of The Soul of Enterprise. This podcast discusses the key aspects of running a successful accounting business, including pricing, business models, project management in accounting, plus interviews with business leaders from across the world.

10. The Successful Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping podcast logo with the words 'The Successful Bookkeeper' on a blue background and 2 cartoon people on jetpacks.

This bookkeeping podcast is hosted by business coach, Michael Palmer and is specifically targeted at bookkeeping professionals to help increase their confidence, work smarter and build truly fulfilling businesses.

Each week, guests—not just from the accounting industry—share their success secrets, designed to inspire listeners to take the next step in their professional and personal lives.

11. The Accounting Podcast

The Accounting Podcast logo

On the Accounting Podcast (formerly the Cloud Accounting Podcast), Blake Oliver and David Leary provide weekly news updates, focusing on the movements in the accounting and technology industries. They cover everything from emerging tech and accounting app features and updates, to sales and marketing for accounting businesses

12. Jason Daily

The Jason Daily podcast logo

Hosted by Jason Staats, Jason Daily is a "dailyish" podcast designed to help you optimize nearly every part of your accounting firm. From marketing, to practice management, to workflow optimization, to why you should or shouldn't offer discounts—Jason's there to chat about it.

13. The Numbers Game

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'The Numbers Game', 'Finance', 'Investment' and 'Business', and 3 white men with their arms crossed.

The Numbers Game is an Australian podcast, hosted by Jason Robinson, CPA and Director of Future Advisory, Inovayt Finance’s Nick Reilly (Managing Director), and Martin Vidakovic (Broker). Each week, they talk strategy and advice. This podcast is unique in that, at times, it appeals to accounting professionals and their small business clients.

14. Taxgirl Podcast

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'Taxigirl Podcast with Kelly Phillips Erb' and a drawing of a person with long hair and a mic.

Similar to The Numbers Game, Taxgirl Podcast ebbs in and out of being applicable to accountants and their clients. Tax attorney, Kelly Phillips Erb, shares tax stories, trending news and interviews the occasional accounting professional to share their own stories, journeys and advice.

15. From The Trenches

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'From The Trenches' and 'Real life in the accounting industry', and 2 shovels in a cross shape.

Chartered Accountants David Boyar and Paul Meissner are passionate about the role accountants play in the Australian economy. As co-hosts of the From The Trenches podcast, they aim to cut through the noise and provide accountants with the support and information they need so they can best-support their clients.

They rotate through various segments including ‘Best and worst of the week’, and the rapid-fire ‘5 questions in 5 minutes’ with guests.

16. Journal of Accountancy Podcast

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'Journal of Accountancy' in black on a white background.

In the Journal of Accountancy Podcast from the AICPA, Neil Amato interviews accounting professionals to discuss key industry issues. They cover everything from the state of auditing and year-end tax planning advice, to self awareness and change management tips.

17. The App Advisory Show

Yellow accounting podcast logo with the words 'The App Advisory Show' and 'Your fortnightly dose of all things cloud accounting, apps & app advisory'.

Every two weeks, UK-based Matt Flanagan interviews leading experts, cloud accountants and app partners to help support accountants on their digital journey. Matt is an app advisory trainer, and co-owns and co-founded two companies in the systems integrations and app advisory space—BlueHub and Appacus—and as a result, provides an educational spin on providing app advisory as a service.

18. The Cannabis Accounting Podcast

The Cannabis Accounting Podcast logo with marijuana leaves as the background and the words 'DOPE CFO' and 'cannabis accounting'.

Hosted by Andrew Hunzicker, CPA, the founder of cannabis and CBD accounting and tax training program, DOPE CFO, The Cannabis Accounting Podcast discusses the ins and outs of cannabis accounting. Andrew covers marketing for cannabis accounting firms, managing and navigating tax audits and laws for your cannabis clients, and tips for networking at cannabis conferences.

19. ​​Aly & Andrew’s All Aussie Accounting Adventures

Accounting podcast logo with 'Aly & Andrew’s All Aussie Accounting Adventures' on a blue background with pictures of a man with a beard and hat, and a woman with her arms crossed.

This podcast is Australian through-and-through. Hosted by ​​Aly Garrett, Founder of All In Advisory, and Andrew Van De Beek, Founder of illumin8, this podcast is akin to an accounting campfire chat. Aly and Andrew unpack their own journeys and guide you through the what, when, why and how of running your own accounting firm.