Advanced techniques to automate your workflow

Ian VacinCo-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon
Ian Vacin

Your accounting firm has countless possibilities to automate tasks, streamline processes, integrate apps and improve workflow efficiency. But when you have so many options, it quickly becomes confusing and overwhelming.

Which workflows need the most attention? What technology is worth the investment? How will this affect your client experience? And how can you even begin to answer these questions when your current processes aren't properly designed?

In this ideo, Ian simplifies workflow automation for accounting firms and help you to answer these questions yourself. Develop a plan for your accounting firm that will automate time-consuming tasks, improve the efficiency and outcomes of your most critical processes, and deliver a higher quality service to your clients.

You'll learn:

  • How to assess what areas of your workflow can be automated and determine the areas to focus on first

  • A process to evaluate and select the right apps for your firm

  • Common automation tools that should be part of every firm’s tech stack

  • Tips to ensure your client service does not suffer

  • An overview of Karbon's automation functionality

Download the presentation slides.

Ian Vacin
Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer, Karbon

Ian is passionate about helping businesses be as successful as possible in order to positively impact the small businesses they serve. With 25+ years' experience in technology & process improvement and 15+ years of leadership experience in the accounting industry at Karbon, Xero, and Intuit, Ian is a recognized expert, innovator, and teacher.

Ian Vacin