Introducing Time & Budgets, embedded in your workflow

Time and budgets in Karbon

It doesn’t matter if you are a team of 3 or 3,000. Located in Sydney or San Ramon. A goal for every accounting firm is to drive profit.

Lots of firms achieve this without thinking too far outside the box. Services are priced at an industry-standard rate, delivered on time, at high quality. Rinse and repeat. 

If you do this while you attract more clients and hire more staff, you’ll probably end up running a fairly successful accounting firm.

But what if you knew some simple changes to drive greater profits, without creating more work?

Unlock your hidden profitability

Karbon is where you manage workflows, communicate with teams, and deliver client work. It’s all there in one place.

But for your accounting firm to be at its most efficient and profitable, you need more.

You need a way to budget work and track actual results against that. You need to identify your most effective clients and employees. You need to know what actions will maximize your resources. And you need to make it easy for your staff to do what they do best.

This is why we built Time & Budgets in Karbon.

You might be charging too little for some services. Some staff members might be underutilized while others are overburdened. Or those with high billing rates might be spending too much time on low-value tasks.

What if you could identify when work was going off track, and instantly correct it with a quick adjustment? What if your time and performance data could guide staff training and improve efficiency?

Karbon doesn’t just provide you with this knowledge. It gives you the ability to take immediate action on it. And that’s just the beginning.

Estimate work and track time where the work happens

Time & Budgets is deeply embedded in your Karbon workflow. This doesn’t just mean one less app to navigate between. It empowers you with a whole new level of functionality, automation, and insight.

You can compare budgets against the actual progress already occurring in Karbon. This enables you to make decisions regarding capacity planning, profitability, job management and more. Having time with work and communication gives you context, and the ability to take action. You can understand why things are the way they are, and then keep things moving in the right direction. 

You can identify your most (or least) effective clients and staff members, because all their information is in one place. Replicate what works and dissect and eliminate what doesn't. 

Your team will be prompted with automatic time-entry suggestions based on the activities Karbon has already tracked. This ensures nothing is missed and stops time entering becoming a job in itself.

And you can do even more with your time and budget data by connecting to other tools. Integrate directly from Karbon to TSheets to review time and bill time to clients via QuickBooks Online. Connect with Ignition or GoProposal for fixed fee engagements to bill for time and services. Or use instant time & budget exports or our API to move your data to your billing solution of choice.

With the release of Time & Budgets in Karbon, your estimates, actuals, timesheets and analysis are now in the same place as your work and collaboration. Today, Karbon becomes the single solution to run your accounting firm.

See Time & Budgets in action.