Best practices managing client onboarding in Karbon


Onboarding new clients is a critical process for every accounting firm. To set your clients up for success and efficiently collect everything you need, you need a clear plan that can be replicated and tracked.

In this video, Ian Vacin is joined by Zach Cochran (Two Roads) to outline how you can manage your firm's entire client onboarding process using Karbon's practice management tool.

Based on real-life examples and the processes used by Two Roads and other Karbon power-users, learn:

  • What to consider in your onboarding process

  • How to document every step in a detailed Karbon template

  • Steps for creating and tailoring a Karbon work item to onboard every new client

  • How to automate the collection of client files and data using Client Tasks

  • Methods for tracking onboarding progress across your entire firm

  • How to use Karbon to identify bottlenecks and roadblocks that occur in your onboarding process

  • Best practices to alleviate and troubleshoot common onboarding issues

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