Become a more profitable firm with Time & Budgets in Karbon

Scott GerdzunasSenior Account Executive, Karbon
Scott Gerdzunas

To be at your most profitable you need a way to budget work and track actual results. You need to know your most effective clients and employees. And above all, you need to make it easy for your staff to do what they do best.

This is why we built Time & Budgets in Karbon.

Join Scott for a full overview of this huge feature. Learn the benefits of managing your estimates, actuals, timesheets and analysis in the same place as your work and collaborate. Discover how Karbon can be the single solution to run your accounting firm.

Watch to learn new ways to transform your firm, including how to:

  • Price every job appropriately by comparing budgets to actuals and understanding variances

  • Optimize everyone’s workload for a more efficient, productive team

  • Speed up entering time with auto-suggestions

  • Identify when work is tracking over-budget and make instant adjustments before it’s too late

  • See where you can increase service fees, improve staff utilization, and make your firm more profitable

  • Use time and performance data to guide training and improve staff efficiency

This video includes a brief introduction to Karbon and is ideal if you are seeing Karbon for the first time.

Scott Gerdzunas
Senior Account Executive, Karbon

Scott’s #1 priority is to help practices like yours grow and, more importantly, scale, with the enhanced visibility, standardization, collaboration and automation that Karbon offers its users. During his five year tenure at Karbon thus far, he’s helped hundreds of practices transition onto Karbon to achieve greater productivity and profitability.

Scott Gerdzunas