Using Karbon to work with clients remotely

Miranda KendallManaging Director, UK, Karbon

Many workers across the globe are working from home for the foreseeable future. For you and your accounting firm, this probably changes how you interact with clients. No longer can they come into the office to provide you with documents and getting them on the phone is challenging.

In this video, you’ll discover how Karbon makes working with your clients—contact-free—easy. Miranda will demonstrate how you can bring your clients into your workflow, schedule tasks for them, set auto-reminders, and automatically organize all their most important details and communication to share across your remote team.

Watch to learn how Karbon can help you:

  • Outline all requirements for your clients

  • Schedule tasks and auto-reminders

  • Interact and share updates within their own client portal

  • Automatically organize all client communication, activity and details to share across your team

  • Report on efficiency, workload and other important details for every client

This video is suitable for anyone who is new to Karbon.

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Miranda Kendall
Managing Director, UK, Karbon

Miranda is passionate about helping teams improve their processes with the use of efficient, scalable and automated processes. Accounting firms with the right systems in place are better placed to support their clients and grow their business.