10 essential breakout sessions at #QBConnect 2018

10 essential breakout sessions at #QBConnect 2018

QuickBooks Connect 2018 takes place from November 5-7, bringing together expert speakers, content and knowledge for you get inspired and discover what's new in the accounting profession.

With an agenda spread over three jam-packed days, you need to plan ahead. To make it easy, here is my selection of the top ten sessions from the accounting track that you cannot miss. 

Monday, November 5

11:00 am:

Kacee Johnson - Riding the Wave of Digital Disruption: The Differentiation Strategy

As a top 25 thought leader, recognized top 40 under 40 and now a strategic advisor at CPA.com, Kacee has a lot of experience and understanding of where things are headed and how to position your firm to take advantage of it.

1:30 pm:

Zach Cochran - Intentional Onboarding: The Key to Strong Client Relationships 

As a leader at Firm of the Future winner Two Roads, Zach has played a key role in their phenomenal growth—of which their reinvented onboarding process was a critical part. Learn from a successful peer on the ins and outs of what they did and leverage it to help your own firm grow and scale. 

3:30 pm:

Jody Padar - A New Business Model for CPA Firms: How to Bill $1M per FTE

Recognized as a top 100 most influential person in the profession, social maven and author of The Radical CPA, Jody walks through how to transform your firm to be one that quickly scales and delivers. Her knowledge of modern technology, proven record of staying ahead of the curve, and straight-forward delivery means you'll get a wealth of actionable insights to take back and use post-conference.

3:30 pm:

Clayton Oates - Diversifying Revenue Streams for Success 

Bringing a wealth of practical knowledge and lots of entertainment, Clayton lays out his advice on how to diversify your income streams and keep track of where you are winning and what needs improving. I've attended several of his previous talks, so I know this session will be full of knowledge, great Q&A, and practical next steps to put the strategies into action in your firm. 

4:50 pm:

Mel Powers - Time to Focus on You: A Map to Your Successful Business

A first to QBConnect but a long-time colleague of mine, Mel brings her teachings from The Revolutionary Firm from down-under to San Jose. A powerful speaker, Mel will give you the tools and insight to put a plan together so that you can make the necessary steps to build the business of your dreams.

Tuesday, November 6

11:00 am 

Jason Blumer - Collaborative Coaching for Accounting Firm Owners

Entrepreneur, accountant, technologist, visionary and coach, Jason Blumer from Thriveal CPA Network brings his passion of learning and teaching to QB Connect to help you learn how to get and stay ahead each and every day. Always entertaining and always educational, learn from an expert coach on how to be the leader in your firm.

1:30 pm:

Trent Mclaren - Small Group Discussion Technology for Accountants

After doing numerous roadshows and roundtables, I have learned that the best advice is one from your peers. There is no better group discussion than this one around technology. Led by recognized thought leader Trent McLaren, get together with like-minded peers and share what solutions really make a difference. You'll leave the session with a short-list of what to check out at or after the conference.

2:50 pm:

Various - Power Panel: Driving Success through Niches

As my friend Jason Blumer would say, Always Be Niching. Take a practical look at how to differentiate yourself and optimize your marketing and effort by focusing on a narrow target market. Learn successful strategies, the roadblocks along the way, and put the panel at task to discuss the good, bad and ugly of putting a niche strategy in place.

Wednesday, November 7

9:00 am:

Ron Baker - The Best Learning Tool Ever Invented: After Action Review

Originating from the US Army, After Action Reviews (AARs) are a critical component of growing firms. Learning from your mistakes (and successes) and operationalizing those learnings into changes, enables your employees, processes and firm evolve and stay ahead. Plus, when can you miss a session from an incredible mind like VeraSage's Ron Baker? 

10:20 am:

Paul Dunn - Crafting Your Firm's Legacy

Industry legend, thought-provoking speaker, and difference-maker for the masses via B1G1, Paul always has a full room and delivers an action-packed discussion. Close out your QuickBooks Connect experience by taking a moment to think about how you can transform your practice and services to make an impact with the clients you serve.

QuickBooks Connect 2018 will take place from 5-7 November in San Jose, CA.