The Authoritative Accountant

Your accounting business trades on reputation. An outstanding reputation means enduring client relationships, repeat business, referrals and above all, bottom line growth.

But one of the biggest challenges accountants face is maintaining this reputation when so many variables are seemingly out of their control.

How do you deliver work on time when the client is being the roadblock? Where should you price your services? How do you avoid staff wasting time on low-value tasks? What do your clients care about most?

To answer these questions and more, Karbon is joining forces with our good friends at GoProposal and The Profitable Firm for two very special live events in Atlanta and San Jose.

Join global award-winning experts James Ashford, Karen Reyburn and our own Ian Vacin at one of these exclusive hands-on sessions. You’ll learn how to take control from the very first touch so you and your clients enjoy a painless experience and maximized value.

In three hours, you’ll learn:

  • The most common challenges firms around the world face due to a lack of control

  • The mindset required to be an Authoritative Accountant

  • How to use your marketing to establish authority before the client even signs up

  • How to unlock the full value of a client relationship and command the fees you’re really worth

  • How to improve your ongoing client experience with fewer resources, through automation, smarter workflows and process optimization

Most importantly, each attendee will leave with a tailored, one-page action plan to take control of their client experience and start boosting their revenue immediately.

To ensure a hands-on and intimate learning experience, seats are strictly limited. Register now to avoid disappointment.

Secure your tickets for Atlanta on October 22, 2019

Secure your tickets for San Jose on November 5, 2019


10-mins: Reputation matters (Ian Vacin, Karbon)

  • The most common challenges firms around the world face due to a lack of control

  • Introducing your one-page action plan

20-mins: The mindset required to be an Authoritative Accountant (James Ashford, GoProposal)

  • The 2 voices we’re always listening to

  • Why the ‘Comfort zone’ is not actually comfortable

  • How ‘accountant thinking’ can be holding you back

  • Version one is better than version none

40-mins: Authority marketing (Karen Reyburn, The Profitable Firm)

  • It’s not about you: making your clients the hero in marketing

  • The four ways to show authority in marketing without bragging

  • Qualifiers: Crafting your marketing so it welcomes the right clients, and sends away the wrong ones

  • Pre-onboarding: Preparing the way for the most successful client relationship, before they even sign up

40-mins: Lead gen, sales and pricing (James Ashford, GoProposal)

  • Understanding the single moment in any sales meeting where authority is established

  • The 5 step approach to unlock the full value of the relationship

  • How to command the fees you’re really worth (without being sales-ey)

  • How to leave that meeting with the proposal signed and your onboarding system triggered

40-mins: Providing a high-touch client experience with less effort (Ian Vacin, Karbon)

  • The critical principles of information collection and client management

  • How to eliminate the client chase on high-time activities

  • Identify and automate the low-value tasks

  • The client onboarding process similarities of the most efficient firms

30-mins: Panel discussion

  • Conclude the day with an interactive panel discussion where all presenters will recap on the most important takeaways, answer your final questions, and put the finishing touches to your action plan on a page.

“Karbon is leading the charge in delivering the valuable insights that accounting firms need when it comes to practice management and growth.”

— Madeline Pratt, Fearless In Training

"Each time I waited PF came back with something amazing! New words that said exactly what was in my head, designs that were on brand and unique to my niche, and solutions to any questions or concerns I had during an earlier meeting. Surely that kind of creativity is something that is sowed and an investment that is reaped with patience for the process.”

— Eric Killian, The Fitness CPA

"When hearing James speak, I always get so much value about the things I should be doing in my business - I'm always made to open my eyes to what I really offer, which is a great client experience and great services. I don't charge anywhere near enough for what I offer, but James has always given me the tools and the confidence to really start charging what I'm worth"

— Kay Westmorland, Conscious Accounting