Announcing the 2023 ​​Karbon Excellence Award Winners

The Karbon Excellence Awards winners list for 2023 has been announced.

Each year, the Karbon Excellence Awards recognize the world’s leading accounting firms that are blazing trails across seven key areas. These firms are inspiring their peers, and prioritize the same values that matter most to the team at Karbon.

After a thorough review of the impressive list of applicants and shortlisted candidates for 2023’s Karbon Excellence Awards, the team is thrilled to announce the winners:

Karbon Excellence Award for Sustainability

Recognizes an accounting firm that is making an outstanding contribution to sustainability practices and is a leader to their peers and clients by being purposeful, community-minded, and kind to the planet.

Awarded to MAD Wealth, Australia & Rivington Accounts, UK

The team at MAD Wealth consistently demonstrates their commitment to integrating sustainability into each component of their operations, ensuring that each business decision contributes positively to a sustainable future. They are a Net Zero firm and offer carbon accounting services, designed to help their clients understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

Rivington Accounts are on a mission to live and breathe sustainability. Not only do they offset their carbon emissions on a monthly basis, but they also plant trees for every self-assessment they file. They are purposeful in their sustainability practices, are community-minded, and kind to the planet.



  • Heaton Vences, UK

  • Rivington Accounts, UK

  • Valjas Services Oy, Finland

  • MAD Wealth, Australia 

  • AMLB, Canada

  • Ho Withers & Associates, Australia

  • Tukel, Inc., US

Karbon Excellence Award for Diversity & Authenticity

Recognizes an accounting firm that is championing diversity, equity and inclusion across the accounting profession, and achieves this in a unique, approachable and authentic way.

Awarded to AMLB, Canada

AMLB has built diversity, equality and inclusion into its core values and purpose. The team is passionate about giving voices to underrepresented communities and are signatories to the Blacknorth Initiative and the Canadian Government’s 50-30 Challenge. In addition to their commitment to hiring those from diverse backgrounds, at least 50% of their clients are led by women or People of Color.


  • Air Accounting, Australia 

  • AMLB, Canada


  • Enkel, Canada

  • TaxAssist Accountants Lincoln, UK

  • Tukel, Inc., US

  • MAD Wealth, Australia

  • System Six, US

Karbon Excellence Award for Balance & Culture

Recognizes an accounting firm that is promoting work-life balance and healthy work habits, as well as using innovative solutions to champion purpose and motivation amongst their teams.

Awarded to Founder’s CPA, US

Founder’s CPA are intentional about ensuring their team members live a healthy work-life balance. So much so that at several moments each year, they stop accepting new clients in order to maintain healthy workloads. As a result of this initiative and specific culture building activities, Founder’s CPA are rated 4.9 out of 5 stars in both the Culture & Values category and the Work/Life Balance category on Glassdoor.


  • Baum CPA LLC, US

  • Fiduciaire Auditoria SA, Switzerland

  • Founder's CPA, US

  • Frank Accounting, New Zealand

  • Inspire Accountants, Australia

  • New Wave Business Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia

  • Zenbooks, Canada

  • Tino-Gaetani & Carusi CPAs, Canada

Karbon Excellence Award for Connectivity

Recognizes an accounting firm that is championing connectivity and embracing openness through innovation with technology, automation and integrated solutions.

Awarded to LiveCA, Canada

LiveCA is one of the most innovative accounting firms in the world. They are dedicated to embracing connectivity, and building and refining a tech stack that ensures their team is operating as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. They leverage tools like Karbon’s API as well as their own custom sales application to lead by example and inspire their peers and clients.


  • Aprio, US

  • Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Canada

  • GrowthLab Financial, US

  • HD Growth Partners, US

  • hiline, US

  • LiveCA, Canada

  • GBA LLP, Canada

  • Lucrum Legal Accounting, US

Karbon Excellence Award for Client Excellence

Recognizes an accounting firm that is demonstrating leadership, innovation and a commitment to excellence in client service.

Awarded to Air Accounting, Australia

Air Accounting consistently demonstrates leadership, innovation and a commitment to excellence in client service. Their client retention rate of 99% over the last four years is testament to that. The structure of the firm is designed to focus on client relationships and success, with a move away from the traditional partner model, in favor of a model that ensures clients are happy and deeply satisfied.


  • Air Accounting, Australia

  • Ask The Boss, UK

  • Blueprint Accounting, Canada

  • BNA CPAs & Advisors, US

  • CLM Accountants - Advice Centre, Australia

  • Janke LLP, Canada

  • Pescatore Cooper, PL, US

  • Propel Business Group, Australia

Karbon Excellence Award for Breakthrough Firm of the Year

Awarded to HD Growth Partners, US

This award honors an accounting firm that demonstrates remarkable achievement within its first year of implementing Karbon. HD Growth Partners have had a breakthrough year, with success across areas of innovation, operational efficiency, culture, client services, and impact to their wider community.

Karbon Excellence Award for Practice Excellence

The Practice Excellence category is the major award and recognizes an accounting firm that is creating extraordinary outcomes through outstanding leadership and innovation, demonstrated by sustained success and growth.

Awarded to Platform Accounting Group, US

Platform Accounting Group has more than doubled in size every year over the last seven years, and anticipate that in 2024 will have revenue to be well beyond a top 100 accounting firm in the US. Platform Accounting Group has recently secured $85 million USD in funding that will support its continued mission to preserve boutique accounting firms across the US.


  • Platform Accounting Group, US

  • Air Accounting, Australia

  • Avalon Accounting, Canada

  • HD Growth Partners, US

  • 1 Accounts Online, UK

  • Iridium Business Solutions, South Africa

  • Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Canada

  • Aprio, US

  • GrowthLab Financial, US