5 practical strategies to optimise your self-assessment tax workflows in Karbon

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For those in the UK: the tax year is finally behind you.

How did your team manage? Were you able to complete and deliver returns at the desired speed and pace? Do you have any recurring workflow challenges that should be resolved for good?

As your team wraps up the past tax filing season, now is a perfect time to reflect, review, and make plans for change.

In this webinar, Rowan Van Tromp and Dom Busby from Karbon's Customer Success team will demonstrate best practices for using Karbon workflows to manage self-assessment tax.

Learn how to:

  • Effectively manage your team's schedule

  • Streamline client information collection and optimise the chase

  • Distribute work and gain real-time visibility over work statuses

  • View how many returns are left to complete per staff member or client manager

  • Automate client payment reminders (including payments on account)

You'll also get a chance to ask live questions about your workflow and get personalised answers from our workflow experts.

If you can't attend the session live, register anyway to watch the session on demand.

Rowan Van Tromp
Senior Customer Success Manager, Karbon

Rowan is an ACCA accountant, a certified Zapier expert, and previously worked as Cloud Services manager for PJCO Accountants at the time they became QuickBooks UK Firm of the Future.

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