Top 7 podcasts for UK accountants and bookkeepers

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With so many podcasts aimed at accountants and bookkeepers in the UK to choose from, how do you know which ones will bring you the most value?

It’s difficult to know without trying them first. But to reduce the overwhelming list into something more manageable, here is a selection of seven podcasts for UK-based accountants and bookkeeping professionals.

7 of the best UK bookkeeping and accounting podcasts:

1. The App Advisory Show

Yellow accounting podcast logo with the words 'The App Advisory Show' and 'Your fortnightly dose of all things cloud accounting, apps & app advisory'.

To help support accountants on their digital journey, host Matt Flanagan interviews leading experts, cloud accountants and app partners. As an app advisory trainer and founder of two companies in the systems integrations and app advisory space (BlueHub and Appacus), Matt also educates listeners on providing app advisory as a service.

2. UK Matters in Accounting

UK Matters in Accounting podcast logo, which includes the map of England.

Every week, hosts Martin Bisset and Rob Brown take a deep dive into accounting, bookkeeping and fintech news and resources. They steer clear from technical accounting and bookkeeping content, focusing instead on themes like leadership, change management, recruitment and retention, automation, digitisation and emerging markets.

3. The Bookkeepers’ Podcast

Cover image of The Bookkeepers' Podcast, which includes hosts Jo Wood & Zoe Whitman raising their hands and smiling.

Hosts Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman have created a podcast specifically designed to help UK bookkeepers attract clients, make money and grow their business. It’s part of their online training community, The 6 Figure Bookkeeper, which provides training, courses and resources for bookkeeping professionals looking to build their bookkeeping practice.

4. Transform Your Profits

UK podcast for accountants and bookkeepers: Transform Your Profits by Reza Hooda

This podcast is for accountants and accountancy firm owners who want to build more profitable and successful firms with more impactful results for clients. Host Reza Hooda discusses common challenges that firm owners face and provides suggestions for overcoming them so they can live the life they’ve always wanted.

5. Digi-Tools In Accrual World

Digi-Tools in Accrual World podcast for UK accountants cover image

Digi-Tools in Accrual World aims to be the go-to place for all things digital in accounting. Hosts Ryan Pearcy, John Toon and Indi Tatla cover the latest in accounting app news, including exclusive interviews with cloud pioneers in the accounting industry, and insights gained from their experience working in and advising businesses on digital transformations.

6. ICAEW Insights

ICAEW Insights podcast cover image: Pale blue with the ICAEW logo in the bottom right corner

This podcast series from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) features guests that dissect the latest headlines and trends in accounting. They provide expert analysis on business, industry, finance, accountancy, and suggestions for growing your firm and helping your clients.

7. No Accounting for Taste

No Accounting for Taste podcast cover: The name of the podcast on top of a blurred background image of an abacus

This podcast by AccountingWEB discusses newsworthy events and topics episode-to-episode. It covers movement in the UK accounting industry and reflects on government updates and legislation. There’s also a sub-series called ‘No Accounting for Tech’, which focuses on tech news in the accounting and bookkeeping space.

Bonus: Accounting Leaders Podcast

Accounting podcast logo with the words 'Accounting Leaders Podcast' and 6 diagonal black lines from the bottom left with colored circles on the ends.

The Accounting Leaders Podcast provides a unique insight into what makes the world's best accounting leaders tick. 

Although the host is an Australian based in the United States, it has had a (growing) selection of exceptional UK accounting firm and business leaders as guests: